42 species on a walk around Leffert's Pond in
Chittenden today. It was pretty quiet vocally
except for the red-eyed vireos, white-throated
sparrows, hermit thrushes and whiny mosquitoes.

Highlights of the walk included wood duck (1),
great blue heron (3), great egret (1, new for us
at Leffert's), great horned owl (1, young making
an awful noise), alder flycatcher (1), belted
kingfisher (2), winter wren (2), and scarlet
tanager (1).

Warblers included: common yellowthroat (1),
black-throated blue (9), ovenbird (1), northern
waterthrush (2), yellow-rumped warbler (1),
Canada warbler (2), black-and-white warbler (2),
chestnut-sided warbler (1), and blackburnian
warbler (1).

There was ripe fruit everywhere and the robins,
blue jays and cedar waxings were going crazy over
it. Even saw a black-throated blue warbler with a
cherry in his mouth. Guess it looked too good to
pass up.

Sue Elliott

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