A rowdy group of 13 birders kicked off our second
year of monitoring at West Rutland Marsh today,
tallying 39 species.

Raptors were the bird of the day, starting with a
northern goshawk and ending with a peregrine
falcon. In between we were treated to terrific
views of a Cooper's Hawk, a red-tailed hawk, and
five northern harriers, including a family group
of four. One turkey vulture put in an appearance.

Other highlights were: great blue heron (3);
green heron (3); willow flycatcher (2), least
flycatcher (2); yellow-bellied sapsucker (2);
ruby-throated hummingbird (1); marsh wren (3);
and swamp sparrow (6). Also in large numbers were
barn swallow (23); cedar waxwing (34); and
American goldfinch (37). Red-winged blackbirds
were down to 8.

Warbler numbers were down, as expected, with
common yellowthroat (6) and yellow warbler (1).

Next marsh monitoring: Sept 19, 7:30 a.m., meet
at West Rutland Price Chopper.

Sue Elliott

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