At about 800, we observed the red-necked phalarope (to the east of the

Later, with the Pratts, we observed a Wilson's phalarope (and stilt
sandpipers) near the road at the NW corner of the impoundment.

On leaving the Pratts, we walked out to the south end and found:
 1 Wilson's phalarope (juvenile-different bird??)
 2 short-billed dowitchers (juvenile)
82 yellowlegs, all the ones that we checked were lessers

The Wilson's phalarope may have been the same bird that we had seen
earlier by the road.  We had the bird near the south end in view from
940-1000, after which we moved north along the shore and found the
dowitchers.  If anyone saw a Wilson's from the road during those twenty
minutes, please let us know.

We also saw a juvenile kingbird sitting on a low branch, being fed by
adult(s).  One item on the menu was a honeysuckle berry.

Larry Hills
Jane Vossler