You're right Dalia, it's a ludicrous arrangement.  We went round-and-round
with Oxford over the NCI Journal for months because they would not give us
a site license.  They wanted us to limit usage of the online to ONE
workstation in the library.  With that philosophy, why have access to it
online at all.  If users have to come to the library to get at it then why
not just keep the print.  We finally got through to them and are getting a
site license but they are definitely difficult to deal with.

Why a U.S. agency would pass control of its journal over to a foreign
publisher is quite the mystery.  It would seem someone at NCI is seriously
out of step with reality and makes flawed business decisions.


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On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Kleinmuntz, Dalia wrote:

> Hello everybody.
> We ran into a brick wall, so to speak.  Our own National Cancer Institute
> handed over the JNCI journal publication to Oxford Publishers, and their
> customer relations leaves a LOT to be desired.  We were trying to locate an
> editorial and a press release for an upcoming issue - the August 21 to be
> specific.  There was an news item in the local paper yesterday (gene breast
> cancer editorial  and news release).  The JNCI issue has not arrived as yet
> (we checked several other libraries, too).  Only the table of contents is
> online, and even subscribers cannot get a full text except within "36
> hours".  Very frustrating.
> My personal opinion has been, ever since I found out that a non-US publisher
> controls the journal, that there is something "off" here.  After all, it is
> OUR NCI, research is done with OUR money, but the access is restricted.
> WHY?  Is NCI even aware of this?  I would like to lodge a complaint (for
> whatever it is worth), but have no idea where to start.
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