Hi Everyone,

        I've had a few people ask for a summary of what everyone's plans
are, so here ya go - in the order in which they were received......hope its
useful, it was to us!
Thanks to everyone who replied, it was great!

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 at my school we are dedicating a flagpole with a plaque remembering those
who died and we are having the color guard with a bag pipper from our local
fire dept coming - they will walk the colors over with the pipe playing -
than we will raise the flags and than lower them to half mask.  A few short
words and a prayer will be said that the piper will play as the color guard
marches off - it should take under  hour and should be very moving.

Here at South Pointe Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, our chaplain has planned
a memorial service for 9:00, to last about a half-hour.

We are going to have two moments of silence, one at the time the first plane
hit and one when the first tower fell.  TVs will be tuned to news channels
airing recaps and tributes.  Flags will be at half-mast and memorial wreaths
will be placed near all flagpoles. Also, big message boards will be placed
in all hospital lobbies for people to post on.  The boards will be up the
entire week.  

It's interesting that you should ask about this.  Dana-Farbe is planning to
have 3 remembrance services (to cover all the shifts), and I have
volunteered to read one of the selections.  If people want to contribute
their own remembances, they may.  If you would like to contact the person in
charge, her e-mail is [log in to unmask]

We just received an E-mail from our CEO acknowledging those in the company 
who went to New York to assist with the recovery/rescue and then we have 
been asked to observe a minute of silence on at 12 Noon on 9/11.

We're flying flags at all our campuses halfmast, announcing moment of
silence at 8:46, having Masses all day long, counselors available from our
psych campus, red/white/blue ribbons to all employees and a plaque is being
unveiled for people lost in the community.

My institution is observing a moment of silence hospital-wide at 8:48 AM.
At this time, a bagpiper will play at the base of the flag pole at the main
entrance. Campus traffic as well as all campus construction will be
suspended during this time.

An Interfaith prayer service will be held in the auditorium beginning at
11:00 am, including recognition of all medical center family and friends
lost on 9/11. (One of our paramedics also worked for the Port Authority and
died working at the scene, and many of us know others who died also.)

The Emergency/Trauma Department will have events throughout the week, that
are yet to be announced. I know that there will be a Grand Rounds on 9/11
on "Chemoterrorism - the Lessons of Tokyo, 1995."

We are recording the personal experiences, feelings, and "hopes for the
future" of our customers.  These rememberances will be in the format of  a
"memory book" and video (2 minutes per person) for our Long Island Division
which is our local history division. 

What I've seen on the Net is that everyone wear red, white, and blue that
At noon your time, stop and recite the national anthem.  Our library has no

How about something a little less jingoistic and a little more inclusive
(for example, honouring *all* the innocent victims of the last few years of
political violence (American, Afghan, Albanian, Canadian, Egyptian,
Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi,Israeli, Palestinian, Saudi, Serbian, and, as
always, dozens of others).

We are doing this very low-key at our hospital:  There will be a booklet of
people's comments about 9/11 in the chapel, along with some inspirational
readings, for anyone who wants a quiet place to reflect.  There will also be
bulbs available for planting in one of our gardens, for those who wish to
emphasize renewal and growth.  The library isn't doing anything specific,
but I have made up a list of 9/11 internet resources that will be available
in the library, for patrons who come in during that week.