not sure if its paid but a good resume project with the vermont police
academy. contact John at the email address below. You do not need to be
able to travel to the academy (they will feed you if you do) if you are
not able to. john can meet you here in burlington.

Be Cool,
        Bob E.

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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 13:21:06 -0400
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Subject: hello...

Professor Erickson...

I also have a potential project for a computer grad student if you know
of anyone interested. In short it is creating either an  access database
for tracking PT scores. I believe it is
fairly complex in that it would need to refer to set data within ranges,
and then compare and contrast as new data is entered.

For instance... we use a nationally recognized PT evaluation standard
which measures body fat, flexibility, bench press, pushups, situps and a
1.5 mile run. The standards are different from 0-95th percentile and
also further broken down into age groups within male and female gender.
We want to be able to enter the data and have the program automatically
determine the percentile based on age and gender once we enter their
score. Furthermore, we give three tests during the program... initial,
mid cycle and final... we want it to be able to also determine which
candidate improved the most as well as which candidate is the fittest

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