Six participants wrapped up this year's survey of
Tinmouth Channel WMA today. Although it seemed
that all we saw were black-capped chickadees (74
to be exact), 37 species were tallied today.

Warblers included 1 northern parula, 3 common
yellowthroat, 1 yellow-rumped warbler, 1
black-throated green warbler and 1 black-throated
blue warbler.

Also of note were 1 winter wren, 3 pileated
woodpeckers, 1 hermit thrush, 3 ruffed grouse, 9
red-breated nuthatches, 1 American kestrel, 1
eastern wood-pewee, 2 great-crested flycatcher, 2
red-eyed vireo and 1 blue-headed vireo.

Species today for Tinmouth Channel WMA this year
was 87.

Sue Elliott

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