Here are the results of Rutland County Audubon's
trip to Mt. Philo and Dead Creek yesterday:

There were no outstanding numbers of migrating
broad-winged hawks at Mt. Philo, but it was a
great place to enjoy a beautiful pre-fall day. 49
broad-wings were counted with some good looks at
hawks overhead and a battle between a
sharp-shinned hawk and a broad-wing. Also tallied
were 4 American kestrels, 2 common ravens, 4
red-tailed hawks, 3 sharp-shinned hawks, 1
Cooper's hawk, 1 osprey, and 5 turkey vultures. 1
Canada warbler and 1 ovenbird also passed

Later on at Dead Creek a small flock of about 10,
horned larks, along with 2 northern harriers, 1
great egret, 2 osprey and 27 Canada geese were
observed from the goose viewing area. At Brilyea,
totals included 60+ great blue herons, 25+ great
egrets, 5 killdeer, 1 semi-palmated plover, 2
juvenile black-crowned night herons, 4 wood duck,
7 green-winged teal and 7 mallards as well as
good numbers of greater and lesser yellowlegs and
a handful of least sandpipers. Also 1 northern
harrier, 16 red-winged blackbirds, 1 belted
kingfisher, 2 ruffed grouse and 1 sharp-shinned
hawk were seen at the Brilyea area.

On the return trip to Rutland, three of us saw a
flock of about 30 turkeys in Shoreham.

Sue Elliott

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