According to the information I have received, and what it looks like at the
water control structure, the refuge personnel are beginning to raise the
water levels now.  However, their ability to raise water without rain is
limited, so as long as the rain holds off, the water level will continue to
stay low.  Additionally, they appear to be planning on raising water levels
slowly.  As of Monday, there was only about 1-2" of freeboard in the stop
logs on the weir, so they don't seem to be desperate to bring the water
back up.

Allan Strong

To add to the spate of Carolina Wren reports, in the past 2 weeks:
2 Centennial Woods
1 Snake Mountain
1 UVM campus (Prospect and Main)
2 South Burlington
1 Orchard School, SB

At 06:12 PM 9/3/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone know what date they are going to start raising water levels?
I just returned from a week in DC and was happy to still see some shorebird
postings at Brilyea Access.  I would like to plan a trip and will do it
later this week if necessary....
>Mona Bearor
>South Glens Falls, NY

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