A new mystery bird is on QuébecOiseaux quiz webpage at
That's the quiz 24. A nice bird that will puzzle many of those who will look
at it.

For those who could have a problem in understanding the French text on the
website, here is a translation. I hope you will try to identify the quiz
bird and I will like very much to receive me your answer (for sure, you can
answer in English if you wish so). Please don't include my message when
replying, because I have to print a work copy of all the received answers
when writing the official answer for the magazine.

DÉFI 24 (translation of the website text) :

There are always interesting birds at the Mount-Royal Cemetery in Montréal.
Birding there in September, you spot something yellowish, above in the
trees. That's a bird. Which is this bird? Why?

Send your answer not later than November 5 to Michel  Bertrand, 900 rue des
Paysans, Sainte-Julie, Qc, Canada (J3E 1K7) or, by e-mail, to
[log in to unmask] . When answering, don't forget to include your complete
name and postal address (it's a rule to make you eligible for the draws).
Three one year subscriptions to the magazine QuébecOiseaux (or a
prolongation of your current subscription) which will be drawn among the
people who will have identified the bird correctly. And more: the Editor
Michel Quintin offers a copy of the field guide "Oiseaux du Québec et des
Maritimes" which will be also drawn among the people who will answer

Answer to quiz 23

The former quiz bird was an adult Broad-winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus,
Petite Buse). See the current issue of QuébecOiseaux for detailed text on
its identification.

Here are the winners of the quiz 23. The three subsciptions to QuébecOiseaux
have been won by Gilles Belliveau from Beaver Dam (NB), Pierre Fiquet from
Paris (France) and Hugh McGuiness from East Hampton (NY). The Paquin & Caron
field guide has gone to Marguerite Larouche from Montréal (Qc).

Good luck ! Have fun...

     Sainte-Julie, Qc
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Le Défi 24 de QuébecOiseaux est maintenant affiché au site Internet à :
Un très bel oiseau, vous verrez, qui en intriguera plusieurs.

Vous trouverez là, aussi, la réponse au Défi 23.

Identifiez le nouvel oiseau mystère et faites-moi parvenir votre réponse en
n'oubliant pas d'inclure votre nom complet et votre adresse postale (c'est
une règle pour être éligible pour les prix).

SVP, ne pas inclure le présent message avec votre réponse (parce que ça me
facilite le traitement des réponses reçues).

Voici les noms des gagnants du Défi 23. Les trois abonnements à
QuébecOiseaux ont été remportés par Gilles Belliveau de Beaver-Dam (NB),
Pierre Fiquet de Paris (France) et Hugh McGuiness de East-Hampton (NY). Le
guide Paquin et Caron va à Marguerite Larouche de Montréal.

Bonne chance...

     Sainte-Julie, Qc
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N'oubliez pas d'identifier l'oiseau mystère :
Don't forget to identify the mystery bird at :