Rich mentioned:
>They both serve great breakfasts.  The big draw back is both won't take
>your order till 8.  forget about getting to the slopes early.  Mid week,
>that's not a prob, lifts don't open till 9.

I've never understood this. Admittedly, we're foodies and amateur
quasi-wannabe-chefs. We love good food. Gourmet breakfasts are just great.
But even for a standard, hearty skiers eggs-sausage-hash
browns-toast-coffee-juice but simple-to-prepare breakfast, so many places
don't start serving until 7:30 or 8:00. Since Stowe is one of the few, if
not the only one, who starts at least one lift at 7:30 on weekends, this
makes it impossible to get first lift (assuming you want to partake of one
of the B's that you pay for in a B&B deal).

The one that really ticked me was when we stayed at the Mad River Inn (not
to be confused with the Mad River Barn) in the Mad River Valley. They have
a deserved reputation for an excellent gourmet breakfast, but they don't
start serving until 8:30 (or maybe it was 9:00 - it's been a number of
years). Dose this mean to imply that I can't be a hard core skier *and*
like to eat well? I gave the owners a bit of an earful - in a polite way of
course - despite the term f---nozzles running through my head at the time.

At least here the lifts don't start turning until the civilized time of
9:00 (9:15 in the case of Alta).

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