>Heading up to Stowe just before Christmas and was looking for input on a
>decent place to stay..motel is fine...nothing fancy needed... would prefer
>something with a bar/restaurant  close...Thanks


Being from the flatlands of CT and liking Stowe so much, I've stayed at quite a
few places there over the last few years, my 2 cents for what it's worth:

Stowe Motel: rooms run from small and inexpensive to very nice with fireplaces.
All are clean, warm and comfortable.  The place also has a game room with a
fireplace and some big couches along with a hot tub outside.  Continental
breakfast is served in the breakfast room at 7:00 am on weekends and I think at
7:30 on weekdays.  On Mountain road and close to everything.

Sun and Ski (I think that's the name): much like Stowe Motel.  Located on the
left of Mountain road heading toward the ski area.  Also serves continental
breakfast at close to the same times as Stowe Motel.

Season's Pass Inn: it's on the right hand side of Rt 100 about 1/2 a mile before
the center of Stowe.  Again, nothing fancy but rooms are comfortable.
Continental breakfast is served in a nice breakfast room.  Also has a large room
with fireplace and couches.  Also has a pool but I've never used it.  I only
stayed there a couple of times but on one of those times it was midweek near the
end of the season and I was the only one staying there, yet the owners got up
early and put out a spread that would have fed 20, very nice people.

Town and Country: as others have stated not bad and you get a full breakfast,
but I don't think the breakfast is served as early as the others.  Rooms vary
quite a bit.

One problem with Stowe though, although there are some very good restaurants
there serving some great food, there are times I wish they had some less
expensive places to eat. It'd be nice if you could get a simple grilled cheese
or hamburger for supper on those nights that you are running low on cash.

>From: "Richard C. Ramsden" <[log in to unmask]>

>I've stayed at miguels.  comfortable, nice rooms.
>I like toscana better, because they have a lounge/living room for inn
>guests, that's not part of the bar/restaurant.  Miguels, you go
>downstairs, you're in the bar.
>In each place there's no TV in the room, and some of the rooms don't
>have private bath.  Neither of which bothers me, but some people can't
>seem to deal with.
>They both serve great breakfasts.  The big draw back is both won't take
>your order till 8.  forget about getting to the slopes early.  Mid week,
>that's not a prob, lifts don't open till 9.

>I joined SWC at patti mac's invite, so these days I stay at the club
>lodge in Waterbury Center.

Wwhat's the SWC?


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