I seem to remember that there was quite a fuss when they got rid of those
blankets.  They really needed them on that old slow chair.  I believe the
ride took 15 min. and it often stopped.  My first visit was another one of
those college weekends.  We were rough & tough and refused the offer of
blankets on our first ride.  It was a cold day and the chair stopped just
beyond the Hay Chute where you are first exposed to the full force of the
wind.  It was a long stop and by the time we got off we were beyond
freezing.  We asked the liftie up top if he knew the Temp. and he said -28
with a 40 mph wind.  We took 2 blankets apiece for the rest of the day.
There were plenty of blankets becuase almost nobody else was crazy enough
to be out there.

Re: cheap eats in Stowe, I always liked the Shed.  you could get a really
good burger & fries for a reasonable price or something fancier and they
always had kid stuff that my kids liked.  Since the rebuild after the fire
it is also a brewpub, which goes down pretty good with the big kids.

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