I remember way back when I decided to move to Jeffersonville just so I
could be close to the mountains. For several months, I had a flexible
temporary job assignment that allowed me to work any 40 hours I wanted to
in any given week. I skied a lot back in those days. Back on my normal 3rd
shift hours, I used to go skiing almost every day after work with no sleep.
There used to be a lot more snow back then.

  Eventually, I found myself freed from that job with some money to play
with and an entire country to explore. I bought a pass at A-Basin for $199.
I had read somewhere that they often stay open until July. My thinking was
that even if I spent only 2-3 weeks in the area, I'd get my money's worth.
But, I guessed that I'd stay longer than that, as there is still to this
day a free place there for me to stay.

   Anyway, it was in that special era that I also planned on making many
other stops that winter in places like Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana,
Nevada and California to name a few. I decided to keep an open agenda,
maybe chase some good weather around for a bit and possibly even find a new
place to put some roots down. The future was wide open.

  Someday, I'd be saying "Ahhhh, those were the days!"


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