Today I drove up to Gore to hand in a few seasons pass applications for
myself and some friends(Through the 5-Friends Program I get to ski
Gore/Whiteface all season long for FREE, can't beat that deal), I decided
to do some hiking and looking around while up there as well.  I hiked up a
trail that started on Sunway and traversed the ski area and went in and up
the Twister Glades...they are really beautiful to look at in the summer,
trees all nice and thinned out, ferns growing around, birches and various
other hardwoods spaced out perfectly for skiing...well all in all I hiked
up 1,500 verts to the Saddle area, originally I had planned to hike up to
see the expansion but time would not allow it as I had a commitment to be
to at 3pm.

On the expansion, I saw an photo from a helicopter or plane, and it appears
they already had at least 2 trails cut top to bottom and they are in a
different spot then I had thought.  For those that know Gore, the lift
looks like it will be placed a little way down the old Tannery Trail and
angled up to the top of Bear Mountain where the Gondi now ends.  The new
trails from the overhead view looked like they should be good for a couple
double fall line sections, not too interesting but who knows what Gore
decides to do with them, my guess is they will be groomed flat all day,
everday.  Gore should let at least one of them be a bump run.  The big
difference with this expansion will be the Cloud Traverse is not necessary
anymore, and the Chatimac Glades should be lengthened as you do not need to
cut back to the Straightbrook quad, you can continue down those woods till
you hit the old Tannery Trail.


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