Hey Chromer!  Ever try Hallertau hops?

And if you want to try a pilsner that truly is the world's best reeb, pay
for me to go to Regensburg, Bavaria, and pick up a bottle of Kneitinger
Edel-Pils for you.  When you rent a gek, they give you a wooden cask with
a wood spigot that you have to tap in with a mallet.

If y'all are interested, I'd be perfectly
willing to set up tour of the Reeb center of the universe (Bavaria &
Bohemia).  We would hit up Plzen (aka Pilsen, home of Pilsner Urquell),
Ceske Budejovice (aka Budweis, home of Budweiser Budvar - the tru and
original Dub), Regensburg (home of Kneitinger (the world's best reeb),
Spital, and Bischofshof), Kelheim (home of Weltenburger Klosterbier (my
favorite dark lager - also a beautiful baroque
monastery-turned-reeb-garten on a gorge on the Danube)) and Schneider,
brewers of Schneider Weisse (on of the best Hefeweizens)), Abensberg (in
the Hallertau (home of the world's finest hops), also home of Kuchlbauer
Weisse, the other great Hefeweizen).  We would also journey to Bamberg to
try its fantastic Rauchbier - "smoke reeb."  We would, of course,
conclude our tour of heaven at the reeb-city Munich.

We would of course also be sampling some delicious, hearty czech and
bavarian cooking (vegetarians might have a hard time).  Sausages galore,
roast duck and pig, dumplings, you name it.  And don't forget the castles
and medieval sights (Regensburg and Bamberg are two perfectly preserved
medieval cities that were among the biggest and most important of the
Middle Ages - think narrow cobblestone streets, gothic cathedral, etc.).

Let me know if you're interested!

Ben K.

On Sat, 7 Sep 2002, Chromer wrote:
> Once winter hits I'm thinking about trying a couple pilsners again.  Pilsner
> Urquell ownz me.  Mmmmm.  Saaz.

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