Skip lamented:
>On 31 Aug 2002 at 7:42, Jimski wrote:
> > Two more years and you will receive AARP applications in the mail.
> > They like to canvas you early I guess.   Speaking from experience.
> > Jimski
>Well, thanks just ever so darned much for THAT delightful
>little piece of information.  Shoot me now. ;->

Now Skip, no need for the negativity. It just proves what a stellar year
1954 was. Besides us, look at a partial list of who else shares that
illustrious year. Note that some are certifiably insane.

12-Jan-1954  Howard Stern
29-Jan-1954  Oprah Winfrey
02-Feb-1954  Christie Brinkley
15-Feb-1954  Matt Groening
17-Feb-1954  Rene Russo
18-Feb-1954  John Travolta
20-Feb-1954  Patty Hearst
01-Mar-1954  Ron Howard
26-Mar-1954  Curtis Sliwa
02-Apr-1954  Ron "Horshack" Palillo
07-Apr-1954  Jackie Chan
09-Apr-1954  Dennis Quaid
29-Apr-1954  Jerry Seinfeld
15-Jun-1954  Jim Belushi
19-Jun-1954  Kathleen Turner
22-Jun-1954  Freddie Prinze
17-Jul-1954  J. Michael Stracznski
25-Jul-1954  Walter Payton
16-Aug-1954  James Cameron
18-Aug-1954  Patrick Swayze
20-Aug-1954  Al Roker
25-Aug-1954  Elvis Costello
07-Sep-1954  Corbin Bernsen
12-Sep-1954  Peter Scolari
22-Sep-1954  Shari Belafonte-Harper
03-Oct-1954  Stevie Ray Vaughan
05-Oct-1954  Bob Geldof
09-Oct-1954  Scott Bakula
26-Oct-1954  Lauren Tewes
03-Nov-1954  Adam Ant
13-Nov-1954  Chris Noth
14-Nov-1954  Yanni
23-Nov-1954  Bruce Hornsby
11-Dec-1954  Jermaine Jackson
21-Dec-1954  Chris Evert
25-Dec-1954  Annie Lennox
26-Dec-1954  Ozzie Smith
28-Dec-1954  Denzel Washington
29-Dec-1954  Ed Autry

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