redraobwons wrote:

> Part of me wants to let this go so I can have an extra hour on the
> slopes with fewer other people, but Stowe opens at 8:00 on weekdays and
> 7:30 weekends.  On powder days, both midweek and weekend, they've been
> known to open earlier (7:00 or so).

What_he_said. This policy of very early Stowe openings on powder days of
course greatly favors the locals, especially on otherwise crowded
weekend days. For whatever reason the vast majority of us tourons never
make it to a pre-7:30 powder day line-up. And it's quite exciting to rip
down marked Stowe trails in deep untracked powder. Usually only the
woods offer the goods.

As far as B&Bs not offering an early breakfast, one of the questions I
ask of B&Bs whenever meals are included is: "What time is breakfast?"
This question is too often followed by "And what is your price for 2
nights without breakfast?"

At the Mansfield base lodge, the (somewhat pricey) egg sandwich at 7 am
usually suffices and heck, at least we're already at the slopes not
hanging around a B&B at 8:15 wondering where our pancakes are.

With an early Saturday start, it's easy to make a 2 pm Bruce Trail run
the "last of the day" and claim a bar stool at the ItDoesntMatterhorn.
However, the urge to take the shuttle bus up to Spruce and ride Tusk
after a few reebs may be difficult to suppress. ;-)

- Bruno

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