Was Nosedive the same 20 years ago as it is now (as of the last annual
party)?  I recall it as very hard and fast and groomed extensively.  If I
recall, there was a race of some sort occurring on the upper part on the day
of the party.

 I once watched a whacko try to do Skyward on Whiteface Mt. top to bottom
non stop in downhill race mode.  This guy may have had racing experience but
he was doing it in a totally public skiing environment.  In an area where I
saw Picabo Street clocked at over 80 MPH in the qualifying race for the
Nagano Olympics (known as ladies headwall in the 80 Olympics) this clown
simply blew out an inside edge unable to hold the trail.  One ski ricocheted
way the freak down in the gorge off to the left and the guy cartwheeled and
butt slid the bottom half of the whole trail.  (approx 900ft vert.)  He even
attempted to kick a heel in and slow his momentum but almost put his knee
through his throat and out the back of his neck.  It resulted in another
series of cartwheels.

Somehow I can't see doing laps in this type of mode as "enjoying" the skiing
experience.  To each his own.    Jimski

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> In his other life, Bob is an eyeglass rep
> and salesperson who calls on pharmacies etc........he gets to Woodstock
> occasionally and pitches his wares....
> I rode chair with him and skied with him
> 20 yr ago when I was using Alpine gear and could not keep him in sight on
> trails......he generally did Nosedive top to bottom with only a few checks
> the top turns.
> Hugh H

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