My girlfriend and I stayed at the North Troy Inn (thanks to the suggestion of Marc and others on the list) last March for a night.  Figuring we'd find some famous Jay powder on St. Patty's weekend, we
left NJ in the rain on Friday night to head up there. 6.5 hours later, it was still raining as we pulled into the North Troy Inn.

The place was quaint, and very much what we were expecting.  The owner (I guess his name was Russ, just don't remember details well) was living there by himself.  He was a very nice older gentleman
who was nice enough to wait up for us coming in that night at 11:30 as well as waking up early to serve an 8 AM breakfast. Breakfast was enjoyable as well- crepe-type things with fresh fruit, toast,
juice, and coffee.. Can't beat it for $25 :)

Our plan was to stay there both nights, but instead stayed only the one as the rain from the night before turned to 12 degrees and pure ice the next day at Jay.... Gotta love Northern Vermont..
Anyway, we cut our losses and just stayed Saturday night in Burlington and sampled some fine reebs.

But yes, he seemed to be doing well as far as we were able to gauge.

Will Galway

(Sidenote:  Let it be known that the week AFTER we left, Jay got hit with that enormous snowstorm that left them buried under several feet of snow... Then again, that's my luck for ya...)

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>Any word on the continued  operation  of the NTI and/or health of Russ
>and Julie?

Haven't heard a thing since learning last year that Julie was in a home.

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