Denis Bogan wrote:
> Re: cheap eats in Stowe, I always liked the Shed.  you could get a really
> good burger & fries for a reasonable price or something fancier and they
> always had kid stuff that my kids liked.  Since the rebuild after the fire
> it is also a brewpub, which goes down pretty good with the big kids.

I believe the prices in the pub part of the Shed are cheaper than in the
dining room (for the same food).  If you don't mind smoke and crowds,
you can save a few $'s that way.

I usually don't eat much in Stowe so I cannot help that much.  I usually
end up at the Matterhorn (good pizza most of the time - non smoking in
the back room / sushi bar / initram bar) or sometimes the Shed.  I've
heard good things about Piecasso (at least I think that's how it's
spelled) on the mountain road from many of the full-time instructors, so
I'd imagine it pretty cheap as the full timers usually don't have much
extra money to throw around.  McCarthy's is good and on the cheap side
(and they have grilled cheese sandwiches), but they don't serve dinner.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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