When I worked on Whiteface, when it was DEC, ahem, dating myself a bit
there, we gave out heavy woolen ponchos.  They were long and they were
heavy.  You put them on standing in line and when you sat down every inch of
you was toasty.  You could duck your head down in and catch a snooze if you
wanted.  You could wear blue jeans with no long johns and be sitting on 1/2
inch of solid ice and never know it.  I don't remember how fast the
pre-Olympic double was but it couldn't have been any faster than the current
triple they are taking out this summer.  That's when riding a chair was an
adventure and part of the whole experience.  I guess the amount of skiing
time didn't seem so important when tickets were $10 a day or less.  Oh, the
good old days.  Sigh.    Jimski

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> the original chair lift up killington peak also gave out heavy wool
> seems that there was more snow in those years than now..even
> into the 80's...

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