Stewart Kriss wrote:

> the original chair lift up killington peak also gave out heavy wool
> blankets.

I remember that. Dimly.

Year was '68. I was a HS sophomore with an unrequited crush on a ritzy Park
Avenue cutie who skied. School was organizing a Washington B-day (no
Presidents' Day back then) trip to K, I saw my golden opportunity, figured,
"how hard could skiing be?", and signed up.

Well my jeans and long johns ("waffle-weave"!) were no match for the -30
temps ("record" they told us), and my feeble XC skills were no match for
even K's blues. The object of my fervent desires said sure, she'd ski a run
with me, then took off, leaving me far, far, snow-covered, cold, and far in
her powdery wake. Never saw her again.

Never down-hill skied again, until about 17 years later.

In fact the weekend was pretty much a total bust, but oh boy, did I
appreciate those wool blankets (red plaid I seem to recall) they threw on
your lap for the long cold chair up.


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