The heat must really be getting to No Nibbles--once again FTO has dropped the
ball and was scooped again by ENN.  From the wire:

Sunday, September 1 (Ludlow, Vermont):

Jeremy Malczyk woke up today a free man.  As of 12:00 a.m. today Jerm, as he is
known to his friends, was released from a heavy burden, a duty some might call
it, for the first time in 35 months he went an entire 30 days without skiing.
According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, Jerm's streak ended as
the result of poor planning and laziness, something he was quite prone to.  At
8 p.m. Saturday, it occurred to him that he had not skied in August.  This time
both his skis and dubious snow composed of ice rink shaving were too far away
to make a quick couple of runs.  Friends and relatives refused to comment to
this reporter, too shook up about the recent turn of events, while it was
indeed a burden, many of them felt that it was the one highlight of Jerms
career to this date.  The Streak, as locals call it, was what helped him get
through personal setbacks including being layed off by the U.S. Geological
Survey.  Jerm's wife, Erin, did say that the couple's attorney, Jon Martin,
will be giving after the Labour Day holiday.

--Evil News Network

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