Dick at one time was from Albany.  He was Nelson Rockefeller's right hand man.  Even had a coveted parking spot on "the ramp."  Rumor was that after Rocky left, one of Dick's relatives was nice enough to kick the bucket & leave him enough dough to retire to Stowe & buy the T&C.  He is a really nice guy - I worked with him and Millie a few times when I was a Stowe Ambassador.  They had no problems renting the whole place out to IGLOO - Int'l Gay & Lesbian Outdoor Organization.  The T&C was rocking for 5 days. 
Sunday there were still 2 traces of snow on Devil's Castle.  Not enough to ski on - not even for "Bob Dangerous."  (Not to be confused with "Boston Robert")  None left on Glory Hole.  Three inches of new at Telluride a few days ago.  WON'T BE LONG!!!!!!