Jerm wrote:
>On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Denis Bogan wrote:
> >
> > Just one question.  What happens if you are on that slab with the 1500
> > feet of exposure when the skies open?
>In theory, wet rubber is supposed stick to wet rock nearly as well as dry
>rubber sticks to dry rock. Of course, it isnt the kind of theory I'd want
>to test high on a slab with tons of exposure below... People get caught on
>cliffs in the rain all the time though, and although it's not terribly
>comfortable they survive.

More or less kinda true....*except* on slabs! That layer of water lowers
the coefficient of friction enough that even 5.2 becomes impossible. The
slickest thing I ever had the misfortune to be on was Whitehorse Ledge (NH)
4 pitches up when a storm front arrived early*. One diagonal-ish rappel
took three tries for the first person to get over to the anchors.

* We knew it was a marginal day, so we had appropriate gear and an extra
rope in case we had to get down.
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