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>   I'd be hesitant to rent one at the video store as well, but it is pretty
>cool to see it on the big screen. The freebies that come with that are
>reason enough - or at least used to be. Do WM tix still get you
>complimentary Sugarbush tickets?
> I once bought tickets to a Warren Miller movie, but for unexpected reasons
>I didn't show up at the Flynn until the movie was almost over. I was still
>able to get my comlimentary "Snow World" mag as well as the lift tickets.
>So, it was worth buying the movie tickets if though I didn't see the show.

Yep, as far as I know this year will continue the free Sugarbush tickets.
Thats one of the driving forces why I go.  The past 2 or 3 years we take a
trip up to Sugarbush for a free day of skiing.  They changed it last year
from certain WM days to just any date from opening till like December 22nd
or something like that.  The movie is fun to see in a massive crowd of
winter sports addicts though.


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