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>The very annoying Ski Top 60 resort guide issue arrived yesterday.

Annoying? Huh? I think SKI does a GREAT job and that all of the rankings
are right on. Of course Seven Springs PA provides a better ski experience
than most places in Vt! Duh! Isn't it obvious that all the best resorts are
those that buy up most of the advertising space in the magazine? Hello!
It's all right there, in the advertising - at the number 1 ski area in the
east, there's a "renowned pedestrian village, delicious dining, a wealth of
stylish boutiques, a cinema; luxury, style and comfort." That's says enough
to me about where the best skiing is! And I never knew that Ski Windham
vastly superior to Smugglers' Notch, where I've been wasting my time for
many, many years. Thank you SKI Mag, now I know where I should go!

As a sidebar, I was a bit disapointed with the Vermont vs New Hampshire
article in the same issue of SKI. I know theat Joe is a lurker on this list
and that he has several friends that are active on the list, but I've gotta
be honest.... very, very dismal effort, Joe. Krista got the better of you,
despite the fact that you had a much, much easier side to argue. Most of
your points had nothing to do with skiing at all. If you had stayed on
topic, there's no way you'd have lost that argument. Shoulda been a no-


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