I wise oracle of SKIVT-L, I humbly beseach thee to provide answers for my
unworthy question.  OK, so here's the deal.  I was reading the September
issue of Skiing and came across a couple items which piqued my interest.
In the article about "Swede" Mattson (the ascerbic guide in Coastal BC),
there was much discussion of brief hikes/skins up followed by hard core
alpine runs down featuring the usual assortment of tricks and jumps.  Such
performane surely did not come from a telemark set up.  In fact, there was
a picture in that same article with the skiers wearing alpine boots and
alpine skis, but some sort of hybrid binding that looked like it released
the back foot for going up, but which could then be clamped back down for
alpine skiing on the way down.  What the hell is this?  Is this "alpine
touring" (AT) gear?  Randonee?  Slurpee?  Peepee?  And how is it that I've
been on this list for close to five years now and still don't know the
answer to this question?

I am tired of being restricted to boot packing it when I want to gain
altitude off-piste but I have zero interest in tele at this time.  Is this
the answer?  Enquiring minds want to know.

PS - Friends are putting in a hot tub at their SB area house this fall.
Plan on seeing me early and often gentlemen.

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