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>Well, as I have blabbed about plenty earlier, I use some Phatties for my
>bc ski.  Phortunately (at least before they've been beaten up too much)
>they have excellent edge.  This past year, most of the bc adventures I
>enjoyed featured ad least some hardpack.
>So you may want to keep in mind hardpack performance when you're seeking
>out a bc ski/board.  I wouldn't let it be the dominant criteria, but just
>let the idea of hard snow float in the cavernous space up top.

I think (with my limited splitboard experience) that the problem I was
experiencing with my splitboard on hardpack is something that is inherent in
all splitboards.  Like I said, if I get the thing on an edge, it's wonderful
(it actually carves very well).  The problem is when I try to let the board
run flat.  Catching edges is a common problem on a standard snowboard.  On a
splitboard, it's much worse.  The two "halves" of the board would flex a
little differently (due to snow surface variations, or rider input) and that
would create another grabby edge running right down the center of the board.
 When that edge caught, wackiness would ensue.  I cannot imagine that this
is special to my particular split board design.  Maybe it's even something
I'll get used to after a few more days on it, after all, I got used to
having to worry about catching edges on a standard board and it only took a
few months of fearing cat tracks.

How do you skiers handle 4 edges anyway?  :)

Jason - "redraobwons"

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