On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Matt Duffy wrote:
> As a sidebar, I was a bit disapointed with the Vermont vs New Hampshire
> article in the same issue of SKI. I know theat Joe is a lurker on this list
> and that he has several friends that are active on the list, but I've gotta
> be honest.... very, very dismal effort, Joe. Krista got the better of you,
> despite the fact that you had a much, much easier side to argue. Most of
> your points had nothing to do with skiing at all. If you had stayed on
> topic, there's no way you'd have lost that argument. Shoulda been a no-
> brainer!

Hey Duphph, go easy on Joey Tucks.  He does a pretty good job despite
never having skied in Vermont.  In fact considering he's never skied
before at all, it's truly amazing what he can write just on the basis what
his friends and books have told him.


Ben K.

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