Oops! I've just discovered that my new Palm's email client defaults to the
sender's email address when replying to a list email. A few of us, though,
would likely benefit from such a feature on occasion! <g>  Anyhow, here's
what I inadvertantly sent to Neal backchannel:

>I now drive 6+hours to
>Killington every other
>weekend, along with an
>occasional trip to SB, Jay
>Peak.  6+ hours from Vegas
>covers a lot of

The drive from Vegas to SLC is also about 6 hours.

>Anybody have any other
>suggestions, other than
>don't do it.

Most Vegas locals bypass Mt. Charleston and go to Brian Head, a three-hour
drive. There will be a "Little Gems" piece on Brian Head in the December
issue of SKI that hits the newsstands Nov. 15, or if you don't want to wait,
a *remarkably* similar, but longer article is at .  Elk Meadows, UT is 3.5
hours from Vegas: .
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