>>You pompous ssa. You've been too busy listening to yourself talk, that's

Well that's the obvious reason.  And thank you for reminding me of my
nickname.  I had been trying to remember what that was but it's been too
long since I posted.

>>AT/Rando in it's many variations has been discussed ad nauseum over
the past year and a half. Shoot something backchannel to Ben K about it
and I'm sure he'll respond with a 30 min Fritschi info-mercial.

Looked in the archives and found a bounty o' info.  Will BC Ben K to get
more 411.

>>Suffice to say, I know your type, and the rat trap you want is called the

You know nothing!!  But from what I've read, the Freeride may be the thing
I'm looking for.  Then again, the prospect of a softer AT boot is alluring.

Once again, the list comes through.  Love love love, and a happy new year
to you all.



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