Denis asks:
>What is going to happen when everything has gone to DVD?  I have a nice
>collection of ski video tapes.  Someday I would like to be able to copy
>them onto DVDs and see no reason why not since I paid for them.  Am I
>going to be screwed out of this by the music/recording/motion picture

They would like you to repurchase a DVD of whatever videos you have.
Actually, you can copy your ski videos to DVD now. The lowest price I've
seen on a DVD recorder is around $650. The risk right now is that there are
several competing DVD formats, and not all are compatible with one another
quite yet nor has one emerged as the leading technology.

As far as "digital rights management" and "anti piracy measures" go, the
industry is pushing hard to do something either with encryption on the
disks or with some sort of hardware approach in the players (and PCs for
that matter). Since any existing video tapes are older tech, there
shouldn't be a problem copying them to DVD, but it is a rapidly changing
playing field.

For a bunch of info about DRM, free speech, privacy, the DMCA (Digital
Millennium Copyright Act), and other issues, start at:

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