What about using sno blades with different bindings?  Or is that pretty much
the same thing as the 120-130cm karhus?


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 >Your recent postings about your splitboards have
 >gotten me wondering if I wouldn't be better served by a separate pair of
 >ascent skis instead.   <<

>Karhu has a pair of "skis" designed for this application (and a few
others.)  120-130cm skis that could strap
onto a pack relatively unobtrusively.  Never seen 'em in person, but from
what I know about them, you should be able to use them with your soft
boots.  They've got integrated skins on the bottom, so you don't really
have to worry about skins peeling away like us freeheelers sometimes do. <

I was thinking the same thing.  These look a little pricey.  OTOH they
have an integrated skin already and are probably more economical than a
split board.  The latter require that you take out a second mortgage. :)
Also, there is no performance compromise as with a split.  Jason could use
his Fish.  I could mount one of my old tele bindings to accomodate my T3 &
Plate binding setup.  etc.  Thanks, Ben.

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