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> Subject:      Re: Swap questions... was Upcoming
>I've had 2 pair of new skis in my life and I don't think I'm worse off for
(Can that be correct, TEO?)
>Well son, there's all the skis one needs and all the skis one wants.  :)

Lucky for me and Kathleen, Denis "needs", er, "wants" a lot of different
types of skis.  When his "needs" change, we're the beneficiaries.

That being said, I'm a big believer in swap finds.  $75 for K2 Fours in
good shape a few years ago, <$100 for one year old Dyn. Verticals
w/bindings about 14 years ago (still skiing, er, trashing them), $30 for
SCXs last year, et. al., are some of the decent scores I've had over the
years.  First "new" pair I ever owned were the CMH's, and with we paid for
those, it's hard to even consider upwards for $400 for a pair of sticks.
(For boots, though, I would think buying used could be tough just because
of the hassle of trying 'em on at the swap.)

If they're not bent and have clean sidewalls and some camber, the
price/value relationship for reconditioning swap/used stuff is better than
new stuff for me every time. But, as Tag points out, our fairly tight
budget plays heavily into that assessment. If anyone wants to change our
minds, new ski donations are highly appreciated.


-Jim B.

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