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>I heard that the industry icon that is interested  purchasing BV was
>just a ruse to gain Ned more time from the courts.  Rumor has it that
>the industry icon is a friend of Neds.  He wrote a $1000 refundable check
>as proof of his interest in buying BV.   Some are now wondering if the
>early season pass sales are just a way of boosting Peter Glenn sales.
>Some say Ned's son has a big mouth.

Which son is that?  I don't know Peter (who runs Peter Glenn) too well, but
Roger (who did IT and other stuff for BV) is a likable guy, and was a
pleasure to work with/for.  In any case, if the rumor you mention has a
basis in fact, it may be lights out for BV?  Too bad, really.

I really doubt they sold too many passes at the PG sale.  Their was fairly
ironclad language in the document they were making people sign that a
refund was available (at least in the form of store credit) if the place
didn't operate.  Assuming PG Ski and Sports is around to collect from, an
I 'm guessing it will be, folks who did buy should be safe.  BTW, the Free
Press erroneously reported, as far as I can tell, that BV Passes were being
sold on the BV web site.  Same page as we put up there in March is still up
there, and when you try to buy a pass, it pops up an error message and
directs you to send an email to [log in to unmask]  I'd be
interested to see whose reading those messages at this point!

On the plus side, Jerm and Jumpin Jimmy's BV proposal is a bit closer to
reality with the mention that the Green Mountain Club did put through the
deal to but up the upper elevation trails easements for the LT and
Catamount where it passes through BV land. The bank (who would have to
approve any sell off of assets like this) had rejected the GMC's first
offer last spring so I'm not sure what changed legally there.  Can guided
backcountry tours and Jerm's VT hut-to-hut system be far behind? It's nice
to dream, anyway.

2nd BV trimming expedition is to be launched soon.  Anyone want to join in?

-Jim B.

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