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        My favourite ski film ? ......  I like 'em all.  At the end of a long hard ski
day over a nourishing meal of beer and free popcorn, it's tough to beat
watching ski films.  Warren Miller seems a bit on the bland side relative to
others.  But it beats watching Christy Annapurna (or some name to that effect)
babbling on CNN while people are getting their lives wrecked in the background.
 Maybe if she took her clothes off, it would give a ski film a run for the
        Actually, "The Best of Valdez '96, Heliski-Boarding" is really lousy.  I
bought it 'cuz I took an ill fated trip to Alaska in March 1996 and I met the
guy that made the film.  Nice guy.  Gawd awful film.  There's no narration and
meaningless, perplexing filmography.  It's actually laughable such as the 1
minute shot of snow falling at night under a light.
        You could get some good films from the New England Ski Museum which I believe
that plaid David Sunshine is a key member of.  "Purple Mountain Majesty" is one
such film.  I got it because I understand that Jeff Strait played some sort of
part in it.  As you might have guessd, it's about skiing on Mt Greylock.
 There's some great history including a story about a local hero.  I won't say
anything more about it 'cuz it's a good story and I don't wanna' ruin it for
you ..... the guy's name is @#$% *&^%$#$$.  The film is surprisingly good
especially when you consider that it was made as a high school project.
        Dr Schlitz on Mt Washington is another good one.  Filmed in 1935, you watch
Schlitz bumble his way down the Summit Snowfields and Tucks.  But look harder -
his bumbling actually requires tremendous skill on boards.  It was actually
Chris Young who played the role of Schlitz and he was an Olympian who
eventually married Mary Bird.  Along with Betty Woolsley, she was one of THE
skiers on the US Women's team during that era.
        TGR films?  As someone once said, TGR stands for Todd's Getting Rounder.
 They're a bit loud and obnoxious and geared towards today's "Rap Generation",
but you can't deny that you enjoy watching the action.
        I enjoy "Revenge of The Telemarkers", films by the Egan Bros, ski documentary
films and I even like "Winning The Avalanche Game" which is not skiing per se
and is instructional, but there is skiing in it and the action, interviews and
scenery is outstanding.  I even like ski instructional videos.

        Like I said and described, I like 'em all.


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