> What is going to happen when everything has gone to DVD?  I have a nice
> collection of ski video tapes.  Someday I would like to be able to copy
> them onto DVDs and see no reason why not since I paid for them.  Am I
> going to be screwed out of this by the music/recording/motion picture
> industry?  So far DVD doesn't seem to have penetrated the ski flick
> market.  I've seen only one ski DVD and can't recall the title.

Keep the VRC for as long as possible...

You already are screwed out of making a copy of the tape, you probably don't know it yet. Its a little thing called Marcovision
thats embedded in tapes and VCRs, it makes duping tapes and DVD -> VHS impossible. (Not impossible, just the picture is crap, more
info here: )

If you really have a ton of movies you want to save, the easiest way may be to get a good TV-in card for your computer, save it to
the hard disk, then burn them to whats called VCD (video on a CD) They can be played in most DVD players and use standard cd writes
and media.
The bad part is only 74 minutes per disk...

Just because we are allowed fair use, doesn't mean the MPAA gonna make it easy..

Tim Watson
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