>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Ellis <[log in to unmask]> writes:

    Dan> PS Does anyone else think its sad to collect trail maps and
    Dan> get them out over the summer and read them longingly ? Am I
    Dan> the only person who does this.

You're asking *this* bunch??!

HAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAHA...hee...hee... hooo... that's a good one.

Personally, I have a ready supply of trail maps by the porcelain
throne. They get read more than the old magazines.

Then there are the ones on the wall, and the ones by the desk at work.

Yeah, it's real sad.

Dave G.

Dan don't feel bad I have been walking around the house in my ski boots since labor day!!!

Chris S.  wifeisascreaminatmecausebootsscratchwoodfloors