Me thinks someone wrote latter when he meant former.

Anyway, some more #s:

- Diamir II has din up to 10, w/ a regular retail price of $169 (although
lots of U.S. retailers try to advertise this as a ďsaleĒ price), brakes not
included.  If your boot sole length is <=305mm or >=330mm, and you also
want to pick up some skis, then here are some great deals:

- If you need din up to 12, and donít mind a bit more weight, then get the
Diamir Freerides (for about the prices youíve found thus far).  Also be
sure to get a return spring for the toe, since I know at least the early
models for some odd reason lacked these.

- If you want the extra lift & reinforced toe & heel pieces of the
Freeride, but donít want the extra weight or donít need the extra din, then
wait until the Diamir III is available (presumably later this fall):

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