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> Ignorant as I am about waxable skis I know exactly what to do
> with waxless ones - wax the tihs out of them - everything, scales and all.


I tried some but not all of these tips.

Tried scaping but not sanding.  Trick seems to be doing
it without causing "feathers" of base material hanging
off the square, leading edge of the pattern holes (on
negative patterns). Didn't think of sanding.

Would hesitate about structuring positive style no-wax patterns.
Seems like a step towards converting to waxable!!

I tried copious amounts of F4 and few attempts with Zardoz.
But I never tried the hot wax/brush trick.  Very neat.

As you noted, this is really driven by local climate concerns.
I reckon I'll snag a no-wax ski or two for hacking around
in temperate boston if I find them for cheap enough.
As it is, I have pair of sacraficial klister skis
that generally end up with (dirty) goop on them for
most of the season for those warm days.  Not that it
mattered at all last year with lack of snow locally.

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