Chris is a guy on my race league team.  We met him up at
BV when he was looking for a team to join.  Joe and I were
in France, so JT took him on.   JT is also a big sailor, when
he found out Chris works in shipyards in the summer they
became instant buds.

To look at Chris, you would not expect him to be much of a
skier.  The man is built like Fred Flintstone.  The fact of the
matter is, he rips!   Race course, moguls, or woods, he is
always one of the best.   Chris has won several ski bum
races at Stowe (extremely tough competition.
I am not writing this to tell you about what a great skier he is,
rather I am writing this to tell you about his equipment.

Chris does not have a whole lot of money.  He can not afford
to buy several pairs of skis.  In fact he couldn't afford to buy
a good pair of race skis.

For race skis, he took old Rossi rentals and beefed them up
by putting layers of fiberglass on top of them.  As his race
results prove, it worked.

When Chris wants fat skis,  he takes old skis  and cuts
them down the middle.  Then he clamps them to a board
with a gap between them.   If the skis don't have much shape,
he bends them to give them shape.  Then he fills in the gap with
material that he gets from the ship yard.  Afterwards he
puts a few layers of fiberglass on top of them.   They work
like champ.   They stand up to his 200+ pound frame bashing
through anything he throws at them.

The fiber glass on the top of the skis makes it hard to mount
bindings.  So Chris has invented his own lifter.  He has a couple
of metal posts on the skis.  His lifter slides onto the post.
This allows the ski to flex naturally and he can have one pair of
bindings and use them on several pairs of skis.
Again, skiing with him will prove to anyone how well they work.
He would like to market his lifters but lacks the financial resources.
(anyone interested in financing this contact me back channel).

At Stowe/Sugarbush challenge, ski bums from both mountains
were standing around looking at Chris's equipment.  Everyone
was asking him to make them some fat skis.

Chris also wanted a ski box for his car. . .

Last season, Chris did not race with us because he got an
old knee injury fixed.  So Matt K filled in for him.

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