We had a long thread on this less than a month ago.  It has come up many
times in the past and can be found by searching the archives.  YOu can get
lots of info by archive searching  Mitch also has a
reader's reviews section on that site.  So you can probably find more than
you ever wanted to know.

You just started this right?  If so you probably need time and miles more
than you need to spend real money on skis.  Why not find a swap sale
alpine ski in decent condition with no bindings?  When they have no
bindings the price goes way down because nobody except pinheads will buy
them that way.  You have years of alpine experience, right?  You can spot
a decent ski with good edges & bases.  It should be possible to get a very
serviceable pair for under $50, maybe under $25.  FWIW, alpine skis work
at least as well as tele skis with the exception of full bore alpine race

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