On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, McEvoy, John wrote:
> Qualification: Mine seem to float a bit at speed in the snow.  But just a
> bit.  I say this because I was absolutely dusted by a guy driving a 4wd
> Subaru ('natch he had VT plates) on a snow-choked logging road in NH.  It
> was snowing hard and I was trying to keep up with him so I could see where
> the road was.  I had to back off because it didn't feel like the tires were
> cutting through the snow so much as floating on it.  On the other hand, if I
> am driving at a more modest pace (which is by and large the case) in snow,
> they seem fine.

More likely you were following TEO in the Gray Mule and he just didnt give
nmad about flipping it into a sugar maple. Having an expendable vehicle
will get you over more snowy logging roads than a 2003 A4 Quattro with
studded Hakka 1's :)

But re: the wider vs narrower tire. You're probably right about 10.5"
being wide enough to float. There are situations where that is a good
thing though, like crawling up to the "upper" Teardrop parking area on 20"
of skier/shoer/'biler packed snow.  Of course, flying off I-89 cause I
hydroplaned on slush is probably worse than 3 hours of shovelling on the
CCC road. But I think with all the weight I usually have in the back in
winter it'll be fine (cap + 80 lb of 2X4 and plywood + umpteen pairs of
skis and assorted equipment, fully loaded tool box, tow rope, jack+stands,
assorted mysterious and decaying food items, and maybe a hobo or two).

Anyway, thanks for the advice, it sounds like they'll work fine for me. I
get free mounting, rotation, whatever from my uncle, plus a possibly
discounted price, and if I ever blow one out he usually replaces that
tire free.. so it's worth it to me to keep the $ in the family.


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