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>PS. Plattekill is open only on weekends and holidays, except on weekdays
when they receive at least a foot of snow.  On these "Powder Daize" they
spin the T-bar for the day, and charge $20. :)

At what time do they post or know if they will be open the next day?  Is it
a call they make in the evening or at 6am the next day?  I skied there last
year on a Sunday after a foot fell that night, and around 2 feet during the
week before...I was never more impressed with Catskill skiing...face shots
in the Catskills are pretty much unheard of, especially during the crappy
season last year.  Its small, but the 1,000 verts are solid straight fall-
line verts which made it very worth the small price of a day pass.  I'll be
back this winter after a storm.


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