If I remember correctly, the night before they will post a message on the resort phone line that they are anticipating a foot of snow and that they will be open... Sounds like a perfect excuse to be
<cough-cough> sick the next morning from work...

I sent an email to the Plattekill people yesterday asking if they will still be doing the Powder Daize this year since it looks like the T Bar may not be running with the installation of the new
chairlift.  I'll keep you posted..


At what time do they post or know if they will be open the next day?  Is it
a call they make in the evening or at 6am the next day

>PS. Plattekill is open only on weekends and holidays, except on weekdays
when they receive at least a foot of snow.  On these "Powder Daize" they
spin the T-bar for the day, and charge $20. :)

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