Just got back online from my work location, as home machine has a dead modem...

Anyhow, went to Princeton Mass last weekend for a wedding and had the chance to check out the famed Wachusett ski area and surrounding terrain. On the day of the wedding I went for a long run based upon the Groom's directions. He obviously is not a runner, and by mile six or seven, I was looking for a shortcut.

I was on the Mountain road, and spotted an elderly gent working on his lawn mower. Just the kind of guy to help me get back to the house I was staying in. One thing led to another, and we were soon drinking water in his living room. Turns out his nickname is "Vic" and he was the first mountain manager at Wachusett. He told me some cool stories of cutting the first ski area trail network, and how they bought used pomas to start it up in 48 or so. He made mention of some BC trails that existed then, and seemed to hold VT in some esteem, as that is where he used to go to get parts for his lifts. He is 87 y.o., and looked ten years younger. Vic didn't make it out on skis last year, because he was in a warmer clime, but I made him promise me this year he would get on snow...I had a blast talking it up with him; seemed like a great guy!

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