I use Hak 10's on a full size rwd Ford van. I leave them on all year round and get 50-60k out of a set. Did have one that ran right off the rim ( pressure was low), but the dealer replaced at no charge. 

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Well  it's gonna start sooner or later and some of you may actually be
able to provide me with some input so here goes...

Last season I squeeked by with all-season radial s on my truck and was
convinced that I need better tires, especially if it ever decides to snow
around here again. Fortunately (for my wallet, not the skiing) the winter
was so dry they got me through just fine. Unfortunately, the Bridgestone
APT Duelers on there now have not survived my occasional off-road forays
this summer. The latest stab doesnt seem to want to hold a patch, so it
looks like I'll need new tires, ASAP.

Since I'd like to throw some business toward my uncle, who runs a tire
shop, Nokians are pretty much out since he doesnt really carry them. Even
so, given my propensity to find sharp objects (rocks, roots, old machine
bolts...) I think a good tough all-terrain (not to be confused with all
season) tire may be a better choice than a snow tire anyway.  My mental
tally of similar vehicles with VT plates seems to be split between Nokian
Hakka 10's and and the BFG All-Terrain T/A KO. By all accounts I've read
the BFG A/T non-radial is very good in snow, and probably more durable and
long lasting than the Nokians off-road and over the long haul (I've heard
they can last up to 50,000 mi), so I think that's what I'm getting, in a
31X10.5. Of course a nod from the list will make the $400 purchase
easier to swallow. Anyone running these on their truck?


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