I have a teacher here that has Jaguar running on her original
bondi-blue iMac. She maxed out her memory but it does work.

- Bryan

>--- You wrote:
>  I wonder how Mac support people
>are going to handle it when 12 teachers approach them with their shiny
>new software and want it installed on their 233-mhz iMacs?
>--- end of quote ---
>Maybe this is when "just say no" really works.
>I, for one, am glad Apple's giving away OS 10.2. Sure, it's a
>marketing ploy. But if some of my teachers get used to using at
>home, then my job will be a lot easier when we finally install it at
>school. Plus, I get to upgrade my home system for free!
>Alida Ciampa
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>Webmaster AND on and on....
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